Privacy-Preserving Blockchain Repository


How to install BOLT ?


What Is BOLT ?

Zero-Knowledge Proof Data compression and packaging

BOLT will compress multiple sets of data off-chain, reducing the cost of uploading large amounts of data. Through the use of zero-knowledge proof technology, users can provide BOLT with data for blockchain storage without revealing their privacy. This ensures credibility and privacy protection for the user's data.

Everyone is a witness

Through decentralized auditing, we significantly enhance data credibility and tamper-proof capabilities.

With internet access and storage capacity, anyone can be a witness and collaborate and supervise each other.

We offer a reasonable incentive mechanism to attract more witnesses to ensure the reliability of our data, creating a thriving blockchain ecosystem.

Cross-Chain Creation Hybrid-Chain Evidence

In addition to uploading data to various nodes of BOLT, data is also uploaded to large public chains such as Ethereum/Bitcoin through cross-chain protocols. Evidence is protected by multiple layers of security measures, greatly reducing the possibility of attacks and tampering.

We prioritize security and strive to realize the ideal of decentralization.

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